I.U.I Treatment

About I.U.I Treatment
This is intrauterine insemination where the husband semen/donor semen is washed to remove the debris, pus cells & bacteria & is slowly put Inside the uterine cavity by the special catheter (Insemination canula). The process is painless, easy & OPD procedure. It requires no sedation or anaesthesia. It increases the chances of pregnancy as the semen quality is improved by washing, the quality of egg is improved by medicine & the timing of insemination is set with the ovulation.

What is stimulated IUI?

The ovaries are gently stimulated with clomiphene citrate tablets either alone or with low dose hormone injections followed by ultrasound monitoring until the follicles are mature when HCG trigger is given. The aim is to stimulate the release of one or two eggs only. Once day of ovulation can be predicted, insemination will be timed to within 24 hrs. unlike IVF, precise timing is not critical.

Does washing has any ill effect on sperm?

No, it is a time tested procedure. Washing help in removing bacteria dead cells, pus cells, only. The couple can see the difference in the quality of sperm count by pre & post wash analysis shown in the lab.

Chances of the success

With IUI although the time of insemination is coincided with ovulation but, the meeting of sperm with egg (fertilization), the transport of fertilized egg through the tube, its implantation in the uterus & the further continuation of pregnancy, all these events are left to nature only, resulting in success rate of 15-18% worldwide, hence IUI is offered successively for 4 to 6 cycle.


Cramping after IUI, or intrauterine insemination, is very common. As a matter of fact, cramping is one of the most common side effects of IUI. Sometimes, the cramping can come from the insertion of the speculum. The cramps will usually go away on their own and do not require any treatment. You will want to check with your doctor to see if there are any pain medications you can take for the cramping if they are bothering you.

Fever and Back Pain after IUI?

Has anyone ever experienced fever and severe back pain after IUI? I was fine until about 8 hours later. I started to have some lower back cramping, and within 30 minutes my entire back was in severe pain and I had a fever of 100.6. It didn't hurt if I was in bed, but I couldn't stand up because of the pain. I'm waiting to hear back from my Dr., but now I'm concerned that the fever could ruin the cycle of IUI. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? Maybe it's a reaction to the medium used with the sperm washing?


There is no satisfactory treatment of infertility in allopathic treatment system and success rates of IVF are also very low with lot many side effects, hence ayurvedic treatment is most preferred treatment for this condition. Whatever might be the cause of infertility, like blocked fallopian tubes in female, endometrosis, PCOD, etc. or Azoospermia, oligospermia etc. in males, ayurveda is having a range of treatments for these conditions. The treatment involves two procedures:
a) medicinal treatment
b) panchkarma treatment
A patient can opt for one or both of these for quick results.

Medicinal Treatment:

Various herbs are known for their effects in increasing the chances of concetion in the patients e.g. Musli sufed, Munjatak, Makkhan, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, etc. Along with the herbs there are various classical combinations which are very helpful for treating this condition like Makardhwaj wati, Suwarna Siddha Makardhwaj, Shilajeet Adi wati, etc.

Ayurvedic Panchkarma therapies:

A special panchkarma procedure known as Uttar basti is very helpful for this condition, Uttar basti should be given under the supervision of a trained ayurvedic doctor only.

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