Natural Way To Cure Infertility.


>> Are there any side effects of your infertility medicines ?

All of our medicines are supported by lab reports for efficacy and safety and corroborated by MDS(Material Data Safety) reports, and have been checked for quality, quantity and potency status. There are no side effects that have been reported ever, infact, ayurvedic medicines have added effects on overall health if taken under qualified and expert ayurvedist.

>> Is it safe to us ayurvedic medicines along with allopathic medicines ?

Yes, it is completely safe to use ayurvedic medications along with allopathy medicines. It’s a misconception that ayurvedic and allopathic medicines can’t be taken side by side and has been created by those ayurvedic doctors who don’t know much wisdom on the usage and effects of ayurvedic medicines.
Ayurveda is not only the science of treating the ailing, but is the science of hale and hearty living.
Infact, some of herbal ingredients act as Anupanam, i.e. it reduces the ailment by augmenting action of medicine if taken along with other medicines. These increase the palatability of the drug taken for other conditions also. At N.D. Care Nirogam (P) Ltd., we as a team take collective view of exceptional Doctors from various natural disciplines such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Allopathy, and Chinese Medicine. We make every effort to stay abreast with the latest research and uphold the research based concepts, diagnosis and medicines and can definitely, propagate the concept of using ayurvedic medicine in right dosage and right manner, alongwith allopathy medicines under the supervision of qualified and experienced physician.

>> What kind of treatment system is being followed at ND CARE NIROGAM (P) LTD., for the infertility patients ?

We use a holistic approach for providing treatments to our infertile patients. We work on the DHATUS concept of ayurveda and potentiate each dhatu while opening blockages and diffusing nutrients through each of dhatu (RAS,RAKHT,MAS,MEDH,ASTHI,MAJHA AND SHUKRA) and eliminating toxins. Our treatment improves the quality and quantity of SHUKRA DHATU in male and prepare the female counterpart shukra dhatu for conception and retention of foetus.
So, we are working on the SARROTA AVRODH CURE and TRI-DOSHA BALANCING for over all health and energy of the couples. We take concurrent view of doctors from the branches mainstream medicines, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, Chinese Herbology, Spiritual Healing before customizing treatment for any individual.

>>In ayruveda system, most of the ayurvedic medicines are in the forms of choornams or kashayams with non mentioned formulations. How can we be sure of the safety profile of the medicines at ndayurveda.com ?

The medicines prepared by N.D. CARE NIROGAM (P) LTD.,are manufactured at GMP CERTIFIED units, which means manufacturers conform to the hygiene, safety and rules and regulations stipulations laid down by Government of India. The medicines are extract based herbal medicines for infertile couples. Each batch of the medicines manufactured has it's Lab Reports and MDS reports (Materials Data Safety) to ensure their efficacy and safety for patient usage. The medicines are sealed and are in tablet/capsule forms, making it very easy for consumption.

>> How can a patient start his/her treatment with us? Is a personal visit to the centre essential ?

For treatment, the patient can follow one of the following patterns as per his/her convenience.
a)ONLINE/PHONE CONSULTATION: In today's tech smart era, majority of the patients use our online services for treatment to save on time and money. Since, in case of infertility problem, reports and diagnostic tests inputs play an important part in the assessment of the condition, we seek reports from patients through email/whatsaap/fax or courier. Our expert doctors evaluate the case and prepare general questionnaire to get to the root of the existing problem and underlying causes of infertility and also to know about the predominant dosha of the patient. After receiving complete information from the patient, our doctor speak directly to the patients or attendant and addresses their concerns. After thoroughly apprising the patient about the condition, prognosis available, the course of treatment is explained to the patient and medicines are dispatched.

Patients are also provided with helpline numbers and get round the clock support and information on ailment while undergoing treatment from us.
b)VISITING THE CENTRE AND STARTING TREATMENT A few patients visit the centre before starting the treatment. There is no medical need of this visit as in majority of cases, medicines remain the same whether a patient starts the medicines by online consultation or after visiting the centre. However, a personal visit helps to boost up the faith and confidence of the patient, as the patient can be more expressive and interact with other patients visiting the centers. For consultation with our senior doctors, a prior appointment is mandatory.
c)STAYING WITH THE CENTRE FOR TREATMENT: Patients in certain cases, can visit our centre and stay in our indoor admission wing for various panchkarma body detoxification and rejuvenating procedures. The staying schedule is for 7/15/30 days, as per the need of the patient.

>> What are the possibilities of opening the tubes of females with the ayurvedic medicines?

As we work according to the predominant and vitiated Doshas like VATA DOSH, PITTA DOSH AND KAPHA DOSH , we remove blockages (SARROTA AVRODH) and do dosh balancing and get very good results in such a female patient. Our herbal formulations can prove useful in curing tubular blockage by reducing inflammation and promoting blood circulation to the fallopian tubes. Panchkarma therapies like Uttara Basti is also very helpful in opening blockages naturally without undergoing surgical procedures.

>> What are the possibilities of treatment for AZOOSPERMIA with the ayurvedic medications ?

In AZOOSPERMIA their is no such treatment in allopathy.But in ayurveda we have a complete treatment for curing the male who have nil sperm counts.With our "RASAYAN AUSHDIYAN WE WORK ON THE CONCEPT OF SHUKRA DHATU AND SUKHRA VEHE SUROTTO DUSHTI We work on the CONCEPT OF DHATUS (RAS,RAKHT,MAS,MEDH,ASTHI,MAJHA AND SHUKRA)and also increase the quality of SHUKRA DHATU and with that male's sperm count increases within 3 months and after the usage of medicines from 8 to 10 months, the male with the nil sperm count gets the normal sperm level of 60 to 75 millions which is required for the natural conception.

>>What are the possibilities of treatment for OLEGOSPERMIA with the ayurvedic medications ?

In OLEGOSPERMIA their is no such treatment in allopathy.But in ayurveda we have a complete treatment for curing the male who have nil sperm counts.With our "RASAYAN AUSHDIYAN WE WORK ON THE CONCEPT OF SHUKRA DHATU AND SUKHRA VEHE SUROTTO DUSHTI We work on the CONCEPT OF DHATUS (RAS,RAKHT,MAS,MEDH,ASTHI,MAJHA AND SHUKRA)and also increase the quality of SHUKRA DHATU and with that male's sperm count increases within 3 months and after the usage of medicines from 8 to 10 months, the male with the nil sperm count gets the normal sperm level of 60 to 75 millions which is required for the natural conception.

>>What is the quantity of medicine that a person is required to take in a day ?

Since we use extract based herbal combinations in a tablet and capsule form, so the dosage is very convenient for the patient comprising of a few tabs and capsules two times a day, once to be taken in a morning and once to be taken in the evening.

>>What is the total course of the treatment ?

The total course of treatment depends upon the condition and problem of the infertile couple, it can be as less as a few months, while some patients are required to take medicines for more than a year. At the time of starting the treatment, the patient is given an approximate time period for which the patient shall require to use the medicines. However the dosage of the medicines reduces significantly within the first few months as the patient starts to show the signs of improvement.

>> Are there any dietary precautions that need to be followed during the course of treatment ?

The dietary recommendations which are required to be followed are almost similar to those laid down by the allopathic doctors in case of infertile couples . However, in ayurveda, for detoxiftication purposes, pure vegetarian diet is recommended. The personalised diet recommendations are mailed and provided in printed format to the patients at the start of treatment. If a patient follows the diet recommendations properly he/she gets a much better and quicker recovery.

>> What is the cost of the medicines ?

We have planned various kinds of herbal treatment packages which are pocket-friendly for everyone and provide steady and desirable recovery in case of infertile male or female. The patient is guided about the various options of treatment that are suitable in his/ her case. And, medical cost is worked out according to the option selected.

>> How can a patient judge that his/her condition is improving ?

There are various signs of recovery besides lab investigations that can help a patient judge that his/her condition is improving. After using our medicines, patients are advised to go for tests. From the test reports, they will see the visible results after 3 to 4 months of using our ayurvedic medications.

>> What at are the mandatory things required for evaluation of the infertile patient/gynaecological problem ?

Your check-up should include these investigation points:
In Male = semen analysis test.

In Female:-
a) In case of PCOS, ultrasound and ovulation study reports
b) In case of Tubal Blockage : HSG Test (Hysterosalpingogram) and intra-vaginal ultrasounds
c) In case of recurrent abortion/habitual abortion: Torch tests.
d) In case of Fibroid/ any growth in uterus : Required PVS scan and laproscopic reports.


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